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Commercial LED Tube Lights

DIANA is your experienced expert for LED tube lights: Tubular luminaires based on LED technology have been an integral part of the comprehensive product range for commercial applications since 2001.

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Important factors when using LED tube lights

Numerous luminaires with conventional light sources such as halogen lamps and fluorescent tubes are still being used in industry. The phasing out of these light sources is already in full swing due to EU bans. LEDs have long since conquered the market with their significantly higher efficiency and longevity. LEDs are also free of harmful substances such as the toxic mercury found in fluorescent tubes.

However, the use of LEDs in tube lights does not guarantee energy-efficient and maintenance-free operation across the board. You should therefore take the following factors into account when selecting your LED tube lights:

Caution with LED retrofits

Not all ballasts allow the use of LED tubes. In some cases, considerable modifications to the luminaire are required.

In addition, LED retrofits are usually not designed for operation in a protective tube. The heat build-up in the luminaire body often significantly reduces the service life of the products. This results in frequent bulb changes and, in addition to the associated maintenance costs, every time the tube luminaire is opened, the risk of leakage problems increases.

Flickering and stroboscopic effects

Very basic ballasts can cause the LEDs to flicker. Working under such light can lead to discomfort, headaches and visual disturbances, even though people are not consciously aware of the flickering. In the worst case, rotating or reciprocating machine parts can cause stroboscopic effects with considerable safety risks.

Quality risks of low-cost solutions

Numerous suppliers lure customers with low-cost, low-quality LED tube lights. Their suitability for use in industrial environments should be carefully evaluated. Defects in the thermal management and sealing of the LED tube light often only come to light months later. The cost of repairing or replacing the luminaire outweighs the supposed cost savings.

You too can rely on LED tube lights from DIANA:

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✓ Variety

With LED tube lights, only the design is the same. They offer a wide selection of housing materials, ballast electronics and LED modules. Tubular LED luminaires are therefore an unbeatable all-rounder that can be used in practically any application.
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✓ Durability

When using LED tube lights, a wide variety of mechanical, chemical, and electrical influences occur over the years. Tubular luminaires from DIANA have been in use since 2001 and have been continuously optimized to meet the various requirement profiles. The resulting know-how benefits every single user in the form of years of maintenance-free use.
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✓ Function

In addition to the simple LED tube light, which impresses with its good quality of light, various functions create added value. Whether it's small extra features such as ECO mode, a soft start or control via IO-Link. DIANA's LED tube lights have more to offer.

The tubular lighting product range from DIANA

DIANA offers an extensive range of LED tube lights for the commercial sector. The range includes luminaires in various light colors, light intensities, lengths and beam angles. There is also a choice of different housing materials and additional features for light control.

LED tube lights - product variants for every application

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Tubular luminaires housing materials

Protective tube:

  • Acrylic glass
  • PC protective tube
  • borosilicate glass

End caps:

  • Acrylic glass
  • aluminum
  • V4A stainless steel
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LED tube light bulbs

  • Single-Color
  • Bi-Color (two light colors selectable)
  • Multi-Color (seven light colors selectable)
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LED tube light beam characteristics

  • Directed light with different beam angles
  • Diffuse light
  • Glare-free light beam
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LED tube light lengths, brightnesses, and wattages:

  • From 160 to 1,200 millimeters
  • From 780 to 8,400 lumens
  • From 6 to 60 watts
  • 24v LED (VDC) and 230v LED (VAC)
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LED tube lights connections & features

  • Through-wiring
  • Light control via analog or I/O signals
    • ECO mode
    • Dimming
    • Soft start
    • Color selection
  • Light control via IO-Link
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DIANA - Your partner for LED tube lights

We are your expert for LED tube lights for commercial applications. We offer you comprehensive advice and support in selecting the right luminaires for every area of usage.

Let our experts advise you on which LED tube light is best suited to your particular needs.

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Areas of application for DIANA LED tube lights

LED tube lights from DIANA are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications and industries looking for efficient, long-lasting and high-quality lighting.

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Machine tools

In the field of machine tools, LED tube lights score points with their high IP67 protection rating. The special sealing system of the DIANA tube lights can withstand a wide variety of cooling lubricants for years. For this area of application, the tube lights are constructed with a borosilicate protective tube that can also withstand the glowing spray of chips.
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Packaging machines

Packaging machines have a very high throughput. To ensure profitability, machine downtimes must be detected and resolved quickly. DIANA's multi-color tube lights can illuminate the entire machine room in intense color, informing the machine operator of a malfunction as quickly as possible.
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Grinding machines

Grinding machines often produce reflective surfaces, which is why the lighting should ideally produce a flat and soft light. With an internal diffuser, DIANA's tube lights meet this requirement. For particularly aggressive cooling lubricants or grinding particles, the housing with V4A stainless steel caps offers a long-term, maintenance-free solution.
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Clean rooms

In clean rooms, the tube lights are used inside RABS and isolators. The combination of V4A stainless steel end caps with a borosilicate protective tube meets the uncompromisingly high GMP requirements. The special sealing system of the DIANA tube lights also resists contamination with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
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Food & Beverage

For use in the food & beverage sector, the LED tube lights are constructed with a protective tube approved for the food sector and V4A stainless steel end caps. The housing of the tubular luminaires can withstand the extreme chemical, thermal and mechanical requirements during the cleaning process. The sleek design of the luminaires means that there is little opportunity for impurities to accumulate.
Benefit 5

Industrial image processing

In industrial image processing, LED tube lights offer a cost-effective way of illuminating larger objects without flickering and with high light intensity. In addition to the various visible light colors, infrared LEDs can also be used. Flashes of light in the microsecond range are also possible using an external flash driver.
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Tunnel lighting

Tube lights from DIANA are also used as energy-efficient tunnel lighting for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to the glare control provided by an internal diffuser or cover, weather resistance plays a major role. The construction of the DIANA LED tube lights is designed for a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. Insects are virtually unattracted by the UV-free light and the high protection rating of IP67 prevents insects from entering the luminaire.
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Rail vehicles

The compact and robust LED tube lights from DIANA are used on rail vehicles to create and repair the track bed. They are mounted under the vehicle to illuminate the track bed over a wide area, which exposes the lights to constant stone chipping. This requirement is also mastered by the LED tube lights in addition to the extreme weather conditions.
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Harbor and ship lighting

In the field of harbor and ship lighting, LED tube lights from DIANA have proven themselves on loading cranes and ferries in outdoor areas. In addition to their long-lasting 24/7 use, the luminaires impress with their corrosion resistance to salt water and the marine atmosphere.