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Compact light with

The new Light Bar D20-P:

maximum tightness: housing and M12 connector are made of one part
No glare in transverse direction due to LEDs recessed in housin

All informations about the new Light Bar D20-P >>>

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High-End LED Solutions
Made by DIANA

More than light: The ideal lighting solution for your application!

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Illuminate machines
more efficiently!

Machine lights from DIANA: Compact, robust, powerful and maintenance-free!

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For safe light
at the workplace!

Ergonomic lighting for higher productivity, minimal error rates and satisfied employees!

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Intelligent signaling,
efficient work!

Automate production processes, shorten response times, increase safety and reduce costs with signal lights from DIANA!

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Powerful light
for vision systems!

Camera lights from DIANA for meaningful images in industrial image processing!

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Hygienic designs:
A clean thing

Pharmaceutical lights from DIANA: Resistant and easy to clean!

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Innovative ideas
for individual projects

Special developments from DIANA: Innovative ideas for individual projects

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The right light
for every need!

Innovative LED solutions for all areas of industrial lighting: machine lights, signal lights, pharmaceutical lights, task lights and camera lights.

Product range >>>
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LED developments

We develop exactly the solution you need: Whether signal lights in corporate design, process lights, UV lights, infrared lights or application-specific lights.

Special developments >>>

How we work?
To your complete enthusiasm!

DIANA is an independent family business and a pioneer in the field of industrial LED lighting: the first ever LED machine light comes from us.

We are curious about your projects and your ideas. We understand our customers. With passion and creativity we work to always be the 1st choice for you.

Get to know us and how we work!


There are many reasons for DIANA.
The most important: You get exactly what you need!

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Complaint rate <0.45%.

The probability of rolling a 6 three times in a row is higher than having to complain about one of our lights. What does this mean for you? Absolutely no problems with the lighting during the complete service life of over 70.000 h!
Benefit 1

Delivery reliability: Our word is our bond!

Our delivery dates are fast, honest and reliable. Due to the modular design of our lights, we usually have short delivery times despite a high degree of individualization. Should it take longer, we will tell you right away. We communicate absolutely honest deadlines to you. You can rely on that.
Benefit 2

We understand you!

We started in 1979 as a custom developer of complex electronics in mechanical and plant engineering and have focused on industrial lighting since the beginning of LED technology. We have seen and helped develop many production processes. This experience allows us to understand even complex issues and find innovative solutions.
Benefit 3

You can trust our quality blindly.

Even with your eyes closed, you will feel the difference between DIANA lights and competitor products. Those who hold our lights in their hands for the first time usually just say "WOW!"
Benefit 4

Product range of unlimited possibilities

What do more than 70 product series in several variants each multiplied by optional choices of material, color, power, size, beam angle and much more add up to? Exactly: an almost unlimited selection. And if you need something else? Then we simply develop it for you!
Benefit 5

Almost 100 % Made in Germany

This is what we do ourselves in Schwaikheim: luminaire design, mechanical design, electrical design, OEM development, prototype construction, small/large series production, machining, SMT production, PCB assembly, bonding, dosing and potting technology, quality assurance, spectral analysis, light measurement, trial & testing, thermal testing, EMC measurements, light simulations. Not that: LEDs.

Makes us happy:
successful projects and satisfied customers!

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„Our customers are enthusiastic about the status indication with RGB light! An important success factor for the project was certainly the good cooperation of all participants.“

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Ralf Eßling, Head of Technology and Sales at Franz Ziel GmbH
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„Grade A“

Tobias Grimm, Managing Director of Coating Visions, about the cooperation with DIANA
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„Of course, new developments raise unexpected questions. However, DIANA had always an answer and was only satisfied with the optimal solution.“

Steffen Carbon, project manager at Syntegon Technology
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