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UV process lights

Challenge process light:
Drying, curing, disinfecting, analyzing,
Visualizing - every application is different.

The supreme discipline in LED engineering

Back in 2005, when industrial LED lighting was still in its infancy, DIANA developed the first UV LED process light. Meanwhile, we can draw on the experience of many successful special developments of process lights. The applications are manifold. If photochemical processes, coating, hardening, disinfection or other surface treatments: Ultra-violett light has become indispensable in many industrial sectors. The requirements placed on UV lights are as varied as the areas of application. Design, wavelength, cooling, protection class or the type of control are just a few parameters that must be considered.

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Optimize processes, increase productivity, improve products

No matter in which area or in which industry: every manufacturing process has its own special requirements for UV lights. Often only a single luminaire is required. With the experience from countless individual projects, our developers still manage to find an economical and effective solution again and again. We can fall back on an extensive standard range of LED lights, which serve as the basis for special UV solutions.

UV LEDs are much more demanding than normal LEDs. For this reason, all DIANA process lights have a reliable and effective thermal management system. In addition, we attach great importance to the UV stability of the used materials. This ensures the process reliability of the UV LEDs over a very long period of time.

Furthermore, we maintain long-term partnerships with the manufacturers and exclusively use UV LEDs of the market leaders from very narrowly defined binnings. This ensures both: high quality and the often difficult procurement of UV LEDs.

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Our durable process lights guarantee you...

… constant and homogeneous light intensity ratios throughout the entire operation
… innovative thermal management solutions
… optimum energy efficiency
… process reliability over a long period… the latest LED technology by the use of high-quality UV LEDs from the market leaders

Wide range of designs

On the way to the best possible LED solution for your process, our developers can take on a variety of standardized components and modules. In combination with our know-how in the development of LED process lights, this is the perfect basis for a sophisticated and economical solution.

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